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Fancy's Story

We Believe in Beauty!

Beauty was rescued April 15, 2013 from a high kill shelter.  She is shown here six months old and very feral.  She was immediately placed in a foster home with Sunshine PAWS' animal behaviorist.

She has a long way to go, but we are hoping she will be a happy and lovable pup soon.

We Believe in Beauty!


Week One:

4/20/13 ... After just five days, Beauty appears to be adjusting well to her new surroundings.  She is still very frightened, and will not come out of her crate for treats.  Will not take treats from our hand, but will quickly come get them and take them to her safe place to eat.  Only after much work will she reluctantly allow us a few pets.

Take a quick minute to look at Beauty's first week:

Week Two:

4/27/13 ... It's week #2 and Beauty is really showing some spirit.  We have witnessed her first tail wag.  Her first dresire to come out of her crate.  She has learned quickly to socialize, run and play with other dogs in the yard. Beauty really seems to enjoy her play time, and is wanting to get along with all the others.  Isn't her progress amazing?

Click here to view Beauty's second week:

Week Three:

5/6/13 ... Beauty once again has made great progress this week! She continues to play with the other dogs in the pack and loves running around in the back yard! She also has found her spot on the living room sofa and has started accepting pets, love, and treats from her foster family. This is a big step in her rehabilitation to becoming a happy, loving dog. We are so proud of Beauty! 

Unfortunately, we found out that Beauty is heartworm positive. She will be going in for treatment this week. We will continue to keep you posted on her progress as well as her treatment.

Heartworm is a parasite that is transmitted to our pets through mosquito’s. It can easily be prevented by keeping your pet on monthly preventive. Call your veterinarian to find out how to keep your dog safe from this deadly parasite.

Week Four:

5/13/13 ... Beauty is doing well with her treatments, and is really warming up to some of the humans she knows.  She is making us so very proud!  See the short video clip we posted on facebook may 12, 2013.  And, stay tuned for more progress reports very soon     :)

Facebook Video - week 4


Week Five:

5/24/13 ... What a difference a month can make! Look how happy Beauty is now! Beauty's heartworm treatment went well and her rehabilitation training is going wonderfully. 

Beauty is ready to meet a family that will understand that she will need lots of love to continue moving forward with being a happy dog. 

Interested in meeting Beauty?  Please fill out our adoption survey

At 8 Weeks:

6/13/13 ... Look how beautiful she is!  Beauty is now going on field trips with her foster family, and recently had a "SPA DAY" at the Hungry Hound.  She is getting more comfortable with new places and new people every day.

We are so very proud of her! 

Interested in meeting Beauty?  Please fill out our adoption survey



At 9 Weeks:

6/20/13 ... Wow!  It's hard to comprehend how far young Beauty has come in her time here at Sunshine PAWS.  

We could not be more proud of her!

Check out her latest video:  

She's a Beauty!



And Finally ... Beauty found the perfect Forever Home!